Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Presenting the Mighty Phoenician

I have invited Phoenician of the Anti-Archives to blog alongside me here at my workstation.
For those of you who have not heard of Pheon he is an onld friend of mine form the 24-Arhcive.
I recently "Switched Sides" to this supposedly rival of a site- I hope he has something more interesting to say than I have done so far!
This above is Pheon's "ID"

Take it away Pheon!

Federal Agent Jack Bauer


Phoenician said...

I got zilch Jack . . . I'm having enough problems with the Anti-Archives as it is!

And speaking of which . . . we're not rivals to the 24-Archive.

The name is a long story which you can find IN the 24-Archive. (Blame MandysMan and myself).

On another note, I can't post anything here for awhile, since you converted your site to the Google-Blogger.

Now, before I convert anything of my own, I have to see what it'll do to my past posts. The 24 HQ converted in January, and their Past Blogs are inaccessable. If that's the case when I convert, then I'll have to figure out some way to salvage all those posts!


Federal Agent Jack Bauer said...

save the website on your PC (HTML code)- convert and then IF it goes bye byes- you have it all backed up!

I changed and my only post was fine